Top Ten Comic Book Artists – Milo

Milo here. Damnnnnnnnn!!! Haven't had ourselves a graphic novel article in a while, eh? April/May in fact! Well, I would've reviewed something by now, but I'm reading a real book! With, like, pages n' stuff! I'm proud of myself, to be honest. Still, I knew in my gut that I couldn't, with a conscience at…Read more Top Ten Comic Book Artists – Milo


Top Ten Graphic Novels (Redux) – Milo

After re-reading my original Top Ten Graphic Novels, I was startled by how utterly wrong it was. Let's just say I could've done a lot better, which is what I'm doing now, funnily enough. Prepare yourself for copious amount of Batman, so much that the next time you watch The Dark Knight, you'll be sick…Read more Top Ten Graphic Novels (Redux) – Milo

Top Ten Comic Book Films – Milo

I love movies. I also equally love superheroes. Imagine growing up in a world where there is a (usually) top quality superhero movie out every year. Oh wait! I don't have to. I live in that world and, although it would be nice to see the box office offer up more original films, there is nothing…Read more Top Ten Comic Book Films – Milo

Top Ten Graphic Novels I’ve Read – Milo

As you can probably tell, I am partial to the odd Graphic Novel/Comic every now and then. I also love myself a Top Ten. So what better way to kick off a possible Top Ten series than with one about one of my favourite forms of media and the best it has to offer. 10.…Read more Top Ten Graphic Novels I’ve Read – Milo