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Today, we’re looking at Minerva, lead single from Deftones’ eponymous fourth album. Check tha filmage below:

One of my personal favourite Deftones tracks, Minerva provides a well-needed break from the punishing heaviness of the rest of the album, taking a notably lighter, more atmospheric feeling. The two guitar parts, both drastically different, with one being a delicate, gentle strumming, and the other being the definition of chunk and sludge, contrast against each other brilliantly and show what a versatile guitarist Stephen Carpenter is. The lavishly textured instrumental is further fleshed out by some rumbling bass (RIP Chi) and these awe-inspiring, string-like melodies that provide a real sense of grandeur to the track.
As well as this, we’ve drummer (and one of my all-time favourites at that) Abe Cunningham knocking in another immense performance, pulling out the .5 second fills, groove machine kickdrum and absolute POUNDING of the cymbals that I love him for. Moreover, vocalist Chino Moreno doesies awaysies with his Korn-like hushed rapping, as well as his death screams, to perform something a lot more on the shoegaze-y side, flowing perfectly with the psychedelic structure of the track, and complimenting the sound beautifully.
Something that cannot be said for a lot of metal songs, there is true beauty found in Minerva, with a level of craft even the song’s namesake would be proud of.


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