Milo here.

Three years after their great debut, Royal Blood have announced their sophomore effort, How Did We Get So Dark?, which is due to come out June 9th. With this came the release of the lead single, Lights Out. Check da video below:

My initial thought when I first popped this on was, “Dude, this is definitely Royal Blood.” That will remain my initial thought when I hear the rest of the album as well, I wager, seeing that their exquisite beats and familiar bass tone seems to be here and fully accounted for here. While it’s impressive that the band has found an instantly recognisable sound so early in their career, it did lead to a lot of their 2014 debut sounding very similar, so I’m hoping they’ll mix it up a little bit. That being said, they’ve retained that level of pop-like catchiness in their hard rock while not succumbing to it, and that’s admittedly very hard to do. We won’t talk about the video though, not sure about what their swimming in…


Further information about How Did We Get So Dark?: DINGUS

Pre-order How Did We Get So Dark?: DANGUS

Sexy Pic: DONGLE

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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