Milo here.

Just a quick little post to say a happy new year to all our readers out there, as well as a couple of messages to put out there.

Firstly, chaboi Best Thangs Of The Year will be rearing it’s ugly head this year once again, with Reuben and I awarding the best in movies, music, games and (new addition!) TV with some words and NO CASH PRIZE, SORRY.

Moreover, as I couldn’t really find a place for it in these yearly round-ups for it, I’d like to speak on behalf of myself and Reubs when I express a grave disappointment in this culture of horrendous actions that have been exposed throughout the year from within all corners of the entertainment industry. As a site that does strive to celebrate all forms of media, it’s awful to know how long both women and men have gone through such degrading and pathetic experience at the hands of those with power in the establishments we love. However, I also believe that these are the first steps in creating an environment free of such disgustingness.
Bit late I know, but I didn’t wanna ignore it.

Anyway, enough about that.

I think it’s also time for some shout-outs! Whether you contributed to our little site, let us scrawl some shit on yours, commented, liked or didn’t hate our stuff, it’s also gone to make us very happy. However, a special thanks to Jason, keepsmealive, EclecticMusicLover, Renate, Elliot, Steveforthedeaf, Matt, Jade, Vinnieh and The Well-Red Mage for continuing to support us over 2017.

By the way guys, these lot are linked for a reason — the cremedelacreme of the WordPress community!

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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