Milo here.

So, I know this may seem laughable, but we’ve reached 50 followers. In light of that shizzle, I’d, and Reuben probably would as well, like to show a little bit of love to all of the people, new and old, who’ve read, hated, tolerated, perhaps been a little bit aroused by all the crap we’ve created over the past year we’ve been doin’ this.

That lil’ bit o’ love will be shown in the form of shoutouts for every single one of you. You may not need it, you may not want it but you’re getting it anyway, suckas! So, without further adieu, check out all of these people who like us as well!

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realdv8gaming – DV8Gaming

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Jimmy – Old And New Reviews

garethrhodes – Gareth Rhodes Film Reviews

robbinsrealm – RobbinsRealm Blog

The Porcelain Doll – perfectlyfadeddelusions

darlydarly – darly – lifestyle blog

belikewaterproduction – Be Like Water

actionadventurefestival – Action/Adventure Film & Screenplay Festival

Dr. Joseph Sulgia – Selected Essays and Squibs by Joseph Suglia

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facetioussoup aka MLWA – Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

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Sven Wohl – CultureGeek

vickanddrea – A Nerdy Nook

God alive, that was a pain.

Seriously though, cheers for that.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations




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