Milo here.

And so it has happened! Indeed, the 90th Academy Awards took place last night and it was a corker of a ceremony, with plenty of twists and surprises — even if a coupla the noms were pretty cut and dry.

Below, I just wanna go through my full list of predictions compared to the results:

Special thanks to Microsoft Word and a lack of formatting savviness for this table.

So I end up with 13/24 predicted correctly, which ain’t half a bad if I can just blow my own trumpet for second there, even if this year marks the 4th in a row that I’ve guessed Best Picture incorrectly. As I said, the acting categories this year were kind of undisputable, so seeing Oldman, McDormand, Janney and Rockwell leave with the gold ain’t too big a surprise — and they’re all well earned at the end of the day.
Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night, however, was The Shape Of Water winning Best Picture. Even though I loved the film, I had Three Billboards and, before that, Call Me By Your Name, chocked down as a shoe-in. I was also surprised to see Jonny Greenwood’s sublime score to PT Anderson’s Phantom Thread snubbed in favor to Shape Of Water. All in all, Del Toro’s fish romance scored a lot of unexpected wins — with a total of 4; the most of any nominee that night.
In terms of disappointments, Best Score is a definite, but I was also disappointed to see both The Florida Project and Lady Bird go home empty-handed, as I thought they were the two best films nominated, in my opinion. Moreover, I had my fingers tightly crossed for Jordan Peele in the Best Director category, so to see him lose out to Del Toro was a shame.

All in all, though, it was another great year for movies (Hollywood in general notwithstanding) and a fine Oscars to send it off. Please let me know your predictions and thoughts on the winners — this is the kinda discussion I like.

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


6 thoughts on “2018 Oscars: Results And Reactions

  1. Great post. My thoughts are that the Oscars this year were just too predictable – at least from my side. I hoped that The Shape of Water, McDormand, Oldman, Coco, music of the Shape of Water, some tech in Blade Runner 2049 will win – and they all did. Like you, I also feel terrible about The Florida Project.

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  2. It was a predictable year for the Oscars, although I would have personally liked to see Three Billboards take home best picture. I’m a big Guillermo Del Toro fan though, so still happy with the result.

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