Milo here.

That’s right! We’ve joined a community project that I’m sure will be familiar to many of you: The Large Association of Movie Blogs — or LAMB for short.

Regardless of the fact that they FOR SURE named it for the acronym, they’re a really cool association that allows us to be seen by a massive number of likeminded movie buffs — and makes it easier for us to find them, more importantly.

If you’re a blogger, and a movie-inclined one at that, what this means for you is — sign up, ya dingus! There are plenty of great blogathons and features to get involved in and it’s a great way to open up for new traffic. We’re only new but it seems like a lotta fun.

If you ain’t a blogger, you filthy mongrel you, it just means that you’re gonna see a lot more movie-related content. We recognise that we’ve been a bit music-heavy lately, which can be somewhat alienating to those out there who were met with a “Milo here from Stuff And That — great review! I’mma plug my review of the same movie, gimme clicks” comment over the years. Hopefully, we can start balancing better.

Below, I’mma link to the LAMB website, with more info and contact details — hope to see you there!

Lots of hugs, kisses and lacerations


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