Milo here.

With new music in the pipeline, there’s no better time to check out Metric today, with a look at IOU, the opening song on the band’s 2003 debut Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?. Check the video below:

Of course, Metric were one of my first favourite bands, their 2005 hit Monster Hospital being a bonafide absolute classic. However, while Live It Out is undoubtedly their best album, their debut has this considerably rougher and punkier sound to it that’s really interesting, as you can see how they’ve developed from that point.
IOU is maybe the perfect example of this. Opening on that 100mph riff with Emily’s bare vocals and cryptic lyrics, that energy doesn’t leave the song throughout. When the chorus hits, those lyrics take on a strong message and potent imagery of child soldiers. Even with the spacier, seemingly slower moments, that offbeat 157 bpm drumline pervades a skittish sense of urgency that rides the undercurrent of the instrumental like a catherine wheel. These same moments in the song, where the riff drop off in place of the keys and a solid bass groove, carry a surprisingly psychedelic feel with them. This is offset, however, by that ominous tone that inexplicably finds its way through literally all of Metric’s discography — and that’s why I love it.

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5 thoughts on “MMM: IOU – Metric

  1. Awesome debut! I wasn’t as huge a fan of Let it out but thought they did some good things on Fantasies and Synthetica. Not so much Pagans in Vegas. I hear their new album will be a return to form though.

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